Işıklar Paper Sack
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Construction Materials 
Minerals / Chemicals

Minerals / Chemicals

Minerals / Chemicals
Kraft sacks perevent chemical substances in powder and granule form to absorb moisture and allow those substances to be carried safely with their leak proof features. 
Every type warning signs, information are presented in an evident manner with printing facilities. If requested, may be directly added, without pouring, to chemical mixtures with water soluble kraft paper and since it dissolves, no problems are encountered. 
Also ensures hazardous chemicals to be trasported safely with multi ply  kraft paper and 50 - 100 micron PE tube reinforcement and prevents contamination to environment. This safety issue has been officially registered with UN certificate

tik2Polymer Adhesive
tik2Resin Glue
tik2Zinc Oxide
tik2Melamine Powder
tik2Iron Oxide
tik2Pentaerythritol MT
tik2Hydrogenized oil
tik2Phtalic Anhydride,
tik2Pumice Stone Powder,
tik2Micronized Calcite,
tik2Bleaching Earth,
tik2Boring Bentonite

and for similar products, 4 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg, 30 kg, 50 kg valve  hexagonal bottom and open mouth  (sewn, sewn gusseted ) sacks are recommended.


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