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I��klar Ambalaj

Participations �I��klar Ambalaj began Kraft sack production in 1972 in Bart�n, as the first private enterprise in this area in Turkey. I��klar Ambalaj is a member company of I��klar Yat�r�m Holding. It had success about delivering its products to about 100 countries and introduce I��klar brand name in its own area to all over the world.
It united its experience which it had from 1972, with today�s dynamism, directs sector by sharing background information with customers, prepares itself and its customers to future.�

tik2I��klar Ambalaj has a production capacity of 300 million �sacks �per year in her Cumra factory.
tik2�Added value sacks for about 1000 domestic and export customers are produced.
tik2Isiklar Ambalaj is the first international company to invest in a greenfield cement sack factory in ��Arbil, Northern Iraq through her subsidiary Isiklar Paper Sack Ltd.
tik2Isiklar Paper Sack Ltd. Arbil factory will start production in February 2013 with an initial installed capacity of 80 million sacks per year with plans to triple that capacity over the next 3 years to serve the entire Iraqi Cement industry.
Some basic progressive� steps in our �umra factory:Best Replica Watches
tik21972 :� Sack production experience which is being developed� and renewing itself continously
tik21989 :�Nyloflex ��printing plate�production
tik21992 :�Full equipped�paper mechanical �analysis laboratory
tik21993 :Color analysis and ink� formulation system�(mixing sistem)
tik21994 :�6 colors off line flexo printing (roll to roll)�
tik22008 :�8+1 colors�off line flexo printing�(roll to roll)
tik2A private line for food package production
tik2Sack and printing design
tik2Process print, CMYK
tik2300 million pcs/year featured sack production capacity W&H machine park
tik2Giving technical support to customers
tik2Valve type and open mouth sacks
tik2Valve type sacks with various valve types
tik2Open� mouth,bottom side stitched,�� flat or gusseted
tik2Open� mouth,bottom side stitched, flat or gusseted� if desired hot melt applied sacks
tik2Options from one to six ply (1�6), from printless to 8+1 colors
tik2Ability of nano perforation�
tik2Supporting all of these;thumb notch, pre perforation , PE Tube sealing ,sewing machines roll package,�� paper sack air realese capacity tester, double-sided valve hole, multi-row valve hole, very wide measuring range supporting perforation knives, cylinders,� gears etc. equipments are indicators of our perfection.
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